Hi Kelly,
 I hope you are as well as can be expected. Your pasta was such a success with all the folks I gave it to. Everyone loved it! You made everything so easy, it was so beautifully packaged…Thank-you so much. You made me look good .I have to say again how much I like your website too. We have a lovely local Olive Oil store in Murphy. They also have their original store in BlueRidge,Ga. The business is called Blue Ridge Olive Oil Co. You need an outlet on this side of the mountains! 
handmade flavored pastas

From: MDB 
B'town, NC
January 23, 2014

It is always nice to hear from satisfied customers! 
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From: Chef M Johnson CEC
November 26, 2014
Now...when I dine on pasta...and not knowing this was a dried product...it has the mouth feel and the silkiness of a fresh pasta. Holy Cow-Geez...I would guess it was fresh. Kelly...Your product is outstanding. What a fabulous, beautiful pasta you have created. Thank you so very much for sharing this with me.
From T, K, & B 
Morristown, TN
August 2, 2010


I have tasted....... Therefore I have seen the top of the mountain .....and it is good. Most of the joy that I experienced is too graphic to share with the rest of the world. I like it enough that the next batch I try, I will do it in private, maybe in a closet or something. To put it mildly, I loved it. I had the herb type. The texture, the way they cooked up, the BIG flavor, the versatility, the thickness, all made up the factors that lead me to say that this is the best I have ever tasted tried. The world needs to know about the pasta that you make. I have made some pretty good pasta before but none that had zero flaws, at least in my opinion, such as the pasta you make. Joy.............. 

  Thank You for making our lives complete

From: Brian
Indianapolis, IN
 December 2012

Greetings, my wife and visited Tennessee and bought your Pasta, the Beet Pasta, and we cooked it this weekend - our son made some sauce. It was really great, we all liked it a lot. Very tasty and different from the store pasta. When we visit again we will want to buy some more, and I will also check your web site. I believe it was in Dandridge at an antique type store where we got the pasta.

From: S
Sevierville, TN
July 30, 2010


I recently purchased your pasta in Dandridge when the boutique crawl event was taking place. Your product is delicious! How and where can I get more for gifts? We love your pasta and believe it to be a unique gift when invited to friends for dinner.