handmade flavored pastas
I have been asked many times why I have chosen to make pasta and I am not exactly sure. My husband, "Ken" seems to think that it was because I didn't have a Play-DohTM factory when I was young.  Maybe, he is right. I have always enjoyed cooking and I love to cook for friends. Perhaps, it is my way of cooking for the world.  I like to think of it in that way.

I  make a great product
 that people can take home with
 them and feed their own family
 and friends.  It is quick to
 prepare,  gourmet and made 
with the cleanest
ingredients I can find. 

The pasta is made in very small batches with flour, pasteurized eggs that are sourced locally from J&M Windy Acres Farm, and olive oil as a base. All of the other ingredients are either grown in my garden, using organic practices, purchased from local farmers who do the same or certified organic products when what I use is not locally available.
My products are GMO free!

Kelly Thomas